Cassandra Kanda (known as CASS) is an artist, producer, communicator, engineer, and businesswoman. Born in Zimbabwe, she has lived most of her life in New Zealand. She studied a Bachelor of Music (majoring in Composition, Sonic Arts, and Production) at the New Zealand School of Music. After this, she studied ministry for a year in 2016. Which led her to become an independent artist in early 2017.

In 2017, she released her first studio album GENESIS, which earned the #1 R&B chart placing and #8 on the all album charts in New Zealand. It also received critical acclaim plus other award nominations in the USA. Following this success, she did a world tour in Europe, Australia, and the USA from 2017 to mid-2018. At the end of 2018, she released her second studio album NOT FOR SALE, which earned the #1 R&B chart placing for her single with the same name and a #10 chart placing on all album charts in New Zealand. Between and after both album releases, she has released a myriad of singles. A few have reached Billboard chart placings in the USA. To name a few: “Control” feat. Aklesso and Parris Chariz, reached #20 on the Billboard Gospel Chart, “Way Up”; a single with Chris Howland and Sajan Nauriyal, reached #21 on the Billboard Hot AC / CHR chart.

Her music has over 60 million streams across all music platforms. Something she views as a miracle in motion and is humbled to see God open incredible doors and bless what He called her to do. She is passionate about sharing her story and inspiring others to step into what God has for them. Whether that’s through music, performing, or speaking  — her brand is that she’s a living testimony of God’s grace and kindness; she wants to reach those who don’t know God and empower those who do know God.

For the last 4 years, she has produced, written, and featured in multiple projects, working with Grammy Award-winning producers and artists. Her third and newest studio album “diaspora” came out on February 25th. It’s the first album/part one in a trilogy series of albums she’ll be releasing in the coming years.

Her full discography can be found HERE